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Home-stays in the heart of Italy

Delicious Nature is a small scale organic farm in Le Marche, Italy. Since 2010 we’ve been growing saffron, raspberries, seeds and provide most of our own food. The farm is situated at the foot of the Ascension mountain that’s covered with green trees. Life’s pace is slow and authentic life with enjoyment for the good things comes naturally. We love sharing our experience here and let you enjoy delicious nature as well.

Have a look and find out what’s here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about our saffron, raspberries, farm stays and more…

About us

Pioniers, frontiers; we just love life and try to find a new way..

Yoga holidays, Organic farming, Cooking lessons…

… and lots and lots of fun!

Cooking lessons

Italy is about food. We love sharing our experience and knowledge, especially when it comes to saffron!

Organic vegetarian food

We choose to live a healthy life in harmony with nature; for us this means mostly vegetarian.

Farm to table

Join us for a fresh organic food experience with our tailor made events.

Family friendly

Kids play and run around, open to feel, smell and deal with nature. We like giving the oppurtunity.

Custom made holidays …

… contact us to discuss how to make your perfect holiday

Realize what we offer is “off the beaten track”, most importantly we like you to feel free and at ease during your stay. This means there are several options for your perfect personal holiday and we are here to realize your perfect home stay. Together we create your ideal holiday escape. Always emerged in green and tranquil surroundings. We offer rural stays at the farm and also have an option at the more luxurious landlord house with swimming pool for you.

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